Trying to setup new Netgear 310TX card

Trying to setup new Netgear 310TX card

Post by Sean McEwa » Mon, 23 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Hmm, how many things can I put in one message? Sorry.

I just got two Netgear cards. I'm trying to use them under Linux. They are
working under Win95.
I emailed Netgear, and they gave me step by step instructions to rebuild
the kernel using their newer driver (v0.89), and to tell the kernel to load
the Tulip driver. The first step was to 'make modules'.
I have RedHat 5.1, kernel 2.0.34. I didn't have a modular kernel. So, I
read the how-tos on building a kernel, and built a new one. Before doing
this, I got a hold of version 0.90 of the driver. I built the kernel,
loading this driver in the kernel. I used the 'zdisk' option to boot the
new kernel from floppy. Here's my problems:

(1)On boot-up, I see the message 'can't open

(2)Then, it finds the card at eth0, but later I get a message:
'eth0 the tranmitter stopped!  CSR5 is 2069002, CSR6 816e0002'
'eth0 changing PNIC configuration to half-duplex, CSR6 816e0000'
I don't have a hub, just a cable between the two boxes. I used Netgear's
diagnostic disk, and it works as 100Mbit full duplex.

I cold booted, and got some similar messages saying switching to full
I cold booted again, got the first set of messages. I started the other PC
into Win95, and was able to ping the Linux box. I tried to telnet and ftp
to it using the IP address, and after a full 2 minutes, I connected!
Why is it working if the transmitter has stopped?

(3)Which leads to my other problem: Why does telnet and ftp take 2 minutes
to respond?

I guess that's enough. I'll be watching here. Thanks for any help.


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