Local delivery problems with Qmail

Local delivery problems with Qmail

Post by José Luis Domingo Lópe » Mon, 20 Nov 2000 04:00:00


Qmail is unable to deliver local messages generated by programs such as cron, or
sent with mutt for example. However, a mail sent within a telnet session to port
25 on localhost is delivered correctly.

to a destination unknown error.

localhost is both in my me and locals files, defaulthost is localhost as well, and
defaultdomain is empty. How can I solve this very strange problem ?

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Here's my situation...
1. Getting e-mail via pop works with no problem.
2. Sending mail locally and remotely works with no problem.
3. Checking mail locally works IF I don't use the qmail variables and setup in
the login scripts.

What could the problem be? I'm running qmail and FreeBSD. I imagine it's
something rather simple but I'm at a loss.


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