Problems with HTTP Daemon (Help needed)

Problems with HTTP Daemon (Help needed)

Post by andrea luigi ca di men » Sat, 02 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I'm not sure which would be the real problem.I have to test CGI scripts on
my computer at home ,wich is not connected to anything,so I have compiled
and lounched NCSA HTTP daemon to respond to the HTTP request.Every seems to
be alright( I have  edited the configuration file too)but my browser dont
receive any response from the daemon.Does anybody know where I had made a
mistake .
                            Tanks in advance to anybody will respond to me.

1. cern http daemon problem?


  I am running cern daemon on my linux box as a www and
proxy server. Every 1~2 days, a process fork by httpd will
appear randomly and bites all the available memory then
crash my system. It's annoying. Is this a known bug of cern
daemon or linux system?

Any comment would be greatly appreciated.


Vincent Chen

E-mail address:


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