S.u.S.E. dhclient "cannot assign requested address"

S.u.S.E. dhclient "cannot assign requested address"

Post by Tim Koru » Thu, 04 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I've grepped the howtos and read the man pages, but can't find an
answer to this problem:

eth0 shows up properly in the boot messages.  (It's a PCMCIA card,
cardmgr handles it just fine).  ifconfig tells me that eth0 is there,

unspec addr:[NONE SET] Bcast:[NONE SET] Mask:[NONE SET]

This doesn't alarm me since the dhclient hasn't been run yet.

When I:
# dhclient eth0

I am told:
SIOCSIFNETMASK: Cannot assign requested address
SIOCSIFBRDADDR: Cannot assign requested address
SIOCADDRT: File exists
eth0: not found

What does this message mean, and what should I do to fix it?


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i have searched the records and read many threads of people getting a
problem to the effect:

"apache wont start..."

"unable to bind to port... (in use...)"

but i havent found a solution.  i am experiencing the same trouble
after i changed to red hat 7.2.  the specific line from my error_log

[Mon Jan 14 03:03:37 2002] [crit] (99)Cannot assign requested address:
make_sock: could not bind to address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx port 80

this occurs when i try to start apache with both apachectl and httpd
starts and restarts.  when i try to then stop apache (i know it is not
running) i get:

/usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl stop: httpd (pid 16845?) not running

which makes sense and is very frustrating.  i tried starting apache
from rc.N / rc.local, and that was no good.

i have checked netstat to see if any other service is listening on 80,
and i cant find anything.

i have looked high and low for a solution, so any direction would be
helpful... thanks.


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