3c900, 3c59x on RH5.2 - trying to install @home - can't 'Ping' DNS

3c900, 3c59x on RH5.2 - trying to install @home - can't 'Ping' DNS

Post by Jon Gruge » Sat, 08 May 1999 04:00:00


service) and I'm unsuccessful.  I have the 3c900-tpo card and succesfully
connect to my ISP under Windows (but want to move to Linux).  I've
installed the 3c59x module and and can now successfully ping my
'Gateway/Router' but cannot ping my DNS/nameserver.  If I go to an MSDOS
prompt while under windows, I can succesfully ping each of these sites.

Also, when I try enabling dhcp I get the error ...Using DHCP for
eth0...failed and I then lose recognition of the card and obviously can't
ping anyone.

Can any expert out there help me out??

Other info;
O/S Redhat 5.2

3c59x driver

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Hello guys,

I have a machine with two interfaces, each connected to
a gateway. This two gateways are then connected to a common
network and I want to ping another router in that network over
the two interfaces.

Looks like this:
                        Gateway 1
               ------------|  |------------
              | Subnet A   ----            |
Machine    |  |                Subnet C   Router
              | Subnet B   ----            |
               ------------|  |------------
                        Gateway 2

Now if I type following on my machine it doesn't work:

ping -g 'IP in Subnet A of Gateway 1' 'Router-IP-address'

But if I do a ping (Defaultgateway is 'IP in Subnet A of Gateway 1'
(without -g) it works fine:

ping 'Router-IP-address'

Can someone give me a hint? Thanks in advance!

Cheers, Walter


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