shortcut to eth0:x

shortcut to eth0:x

Post by obantec suppor » Mon, 22 Apr 2002 03:46:09


Is there a short cut to assign virtual ip's without having to create
ifcfg-eth0:x for each virtual IP.
(i could write a script to make the files but assume there is wildcard for
doing this)

i.e. ipcfg-eth0 would contain primary settings, then ipcfg-eth0:? would
contain the block /27 or range of IP's.



1. rh7.1: delaying eth0 initialization?? eth0 startup fail?


I've wiped out my rh7.2 and downgraded to rh7.1, the system works
fine, however after some messinag around with linuxconf, i can't start
up my eth0 anymore. When i try to start it up, it saids :

Starting eth0: delaying eth0 initialization     [failed]

I've checked my network configurations and network scripts and
couldn't see what the problem is. Anyone out there help me? I don't
want to reinstall it AGAIN. Thanks.

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