PPP demand dialing won't work under 2.2.3 ???

PPP demand dialing won't work under 2.2.3 ???

Post by Ron Flor » Sun, 28 Mar 1999 04:00:00


 I've been using demand-dialing under a RedHat 5.2-based 2.0.36 system
for a long time now, and would like to update to 2.2.3.  I have several
systems, some running 2.0.x series kernels, and others running 2.2.3
kenels, so I have a fair amount of experience with both.

 The key problem under pppd 2.3.5 (and pppd 2.3.3) with 2.2.3 kernel
seems to be the 'noipdefault' option no longer behaves correctly.  If
its present, it now prevents the assignment of the 'bogus' remote
address (which is simply a placeholder in the routing table, to be
changed to the actual remote address upon connection).  If it not
present the pppd daemon aborts, and says no remote address assigned
(which is required for demand dialing).

 I've specified both 'ipcp-accept-local' and 'ipcp-accept-remote'
options, which should work as they did under 2.0.36.

 Here's my 'options.modem' file:

connect "chat -v -r /etc/ppp/report -f /etc/ppp/dialout"
user rjflory
kdebug 1
mtu 4096
mru 4096
idle 1200
bsdcomp 15,15
deflate 15,15
ipx-routing 0

 which is working perfectly under pppd 2.3.3 on a 2.0.36 RedHat 5.2
machine nearby (i'm routine this message through it...).

 Also, watch out.  The pcmcia startup scripts will clobber your
/dev/modev softlink if it find any /dev/cua* entries, so delete them if
you are running a pcmcia modem under 2.2.x kernels.



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