Dell Truemobile 1150 iwconfig eth1 enc restricted [1] not working

Dell Truemobile 1150 iwconfig eth1 enc restricted [1] not working

Post by Neil Smit » Sat, 29 Mar 2003 09:06:53

I'm trying to get the Dell Truemobile 1150 wireless network card working
in my Dell 8200 laptop.  I'm running kernel 2.4.20, with the kernel
wireless networking support, PCMCIA-CS-3.2.4 and wireless tools 25.

Everything appears to be ok, I get two beeps when starting cardmgr, but
the card fails to connect to my access point.

If I use a Netgear MA401 wireless card it works perfectly (both cards
use the Orinoco driver).

The only difference I can spot is that the iwconfig command for the
Netgear card shows the key as 'restricted' (or open if I issue iwconfig
key open [1]), but the truemobile card doesn't show any value for this.
If I issue the iwconfig key restricted [1] command with the Dell card, it
accepts the command with no errors, but still the display shows nothing.

My wireless network uses shared key encryption so I need to be able to set
the key as restricted.  The truemobile card works fine under windows XP,
so I assume it's something I'm doing wrong or (less likely) a problem with
the wireless tools?


Dell Truemobile 1150 iwconfig eth1 enc restricted [1] not working

Post by Neil Smit » Sun, 30 Mar 2003 07:05:17

Following up on my own post....

The Dell card is based on the Lucent/Agere firmware and the Netgear card
is based on Intersil.  Looking through the orinoco.c driver it appears
that the Dell card doesn't support open/restricted WEP modes.  

This doesn't explain how it works under win/XP though!


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Thank you.


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