Now that PPP works, need I bother with SLIP?

Now that PPP works, need I bother with SLIP?

Post by Steve Mads » Sat, 08 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Hi everyone,

A project I'm involved with requires creating two linux boxes: a
dialup client and a dialin server.  So I've spent the last couple of
days simultaneously configuring slip and ppp clients and servers.

Now, my original thinking was that I should try to get SLIP going on
both client and server using DIP or sliplogin initially, and once I
had that working, move on to PPP (which, I hear, is "a better SLIP")

But, I never got slip working...

I'm running linux 2.0.30 (RedHat 4.2)--as you can imagine, SLIP
configuration was a headache.  After looking around dejanews, I
realized that a lot of people are having problems with both dip and
sliplogin under the 2.0.xx kernels; I finally got rid of the firewall
module errors (thanks to a post by Do-Hoon Kwon reminding someone to
remake the modules after a kernel upgrade), the dreaded MOD_IN_USE
error (thanks to Tim Cornish who actually bothered to read the man
page for sliplogin, and shared the results with the group) and the
obscure net-pf-5 and net-pf-4 errors (thanks to Aaron M. Lee for a
post about how to alias them off).

But I still couldn't get sliplogin or dip to work--the errors went
away from my log file, but the connection wasn't working and with no
errors I figured it could take a while to fix, so I moved on to trying
instead to get ppp working.  

ppp was a different story...

In a fraction of the time I spent with the dip/sliplogin
configuration, I had a manual ppp connection going between my brand
new ppp client and server; later the same day I had a fully automatic
setup (thanks to the PPP-HOWTO).

So my question is, is there any reason at all to bother with SLIP, if
I have PPP working?  We'll be setting this server up so that people
who buy our internet appliances can connect to our server via special
private line, so all the hardware accessing the server will be of
known (and new) type (if client age/speed is a factor in the choice of

This is really just out of curiosity; I'm sure I'll find the answer
over the next several days as I fine-tune everything

Thanks to all those whose names I dropped above, and the other helpful
folks who have filled the dejanews archives.

(Please remove "nomonty" if sending e-mail)

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