IP alias - Kernel crash - 1.2.13 kernel, 3com 3c590 module

IP alias - Kernel crash - 1.2.13 kernel, 3com 3c590 module

Post by Justin Keer » Thu, 01 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Hi there!

I'm running 1.2.13 (slackware, ELF)

My system is all PCI, and I'm using a 3com 3c590 PCI Ethernet card the
NASA 3c59x driver in module form. It worked just fine till I added the
"alias" patch, which was OK on another machine with a 3c509 (also driven
with a module)...

Now my kernel crashes spectacularly when I try to access the network.

Can anyone help? Or should I just ditch the PCI card and use a 3c309 ISA

Should I even consider going straight to Linux 2.x - and if so can anyone
recommend a really good CD-based distribution?

Any ideas?



1. 3Com 3c590 and kernel 1.2.13

I've just installed RedHat 2.1 from CD and found that the kernel
(1.2.13) doesn't support my network card - a 3Com 3c590 ... I've
tried to install the Modules version of device driver from
http://cesdis.gsfc.nasa.gov/linux/drivers/vortex.html .... it
appears to compile correctly (no errors anyway, though since
it's the first thing I've ever compiled I can't be sure ;-).

When I try and load the module via "insmod 3c59x.o" I get the
following error message

irq2dev_map undefined
Failed to load module! The symbols from kernel 1.2.13 don't
match 1.2.13

What on earth does this mean ?  I've not got any networking
installed - I said no ethernet when choosing the boot disk - but
assume that this isn't the problem.

Kernel 2.0 has support for this network card .... but I can't
get the kernel without having network support - Catch 22.

Anyone experienced the same problem ?

Thanks in advance


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