Linux Slackware 96 PPP bug ??? (for pppd)

Linux Slackware 96 PPP bug ??? (for pppd)

Post by Georg Karawa » Mon, 28 Oct 1996 03:00:00

The new Slackware 96 version (Linux kernel 2.0.0) seems to
have a minor BUG with pppd-2.2.

If you try to connect the connection will fail UNLESS
you use the option "-detach" in the /usr/sbin/pppd
commmand line. I assume that you use /usr/sbin/chat
to do the dialing.

With "-detach" enabled everything works fine. On my
other Linux box (Kernel 1.3.20 and pppd-2.1.2 everything
works fine, with or without detach.

Has anyone else noticed this ?
Thanks in advance.


1. PPP & SLACKWARE 96 (Linux 2.0.0)

Hi all

After get work fine software Kermit and Minicom under my Linux Box
(Linux 2.0.0 - Pentium 133 mhz - disk boot ), I am actually trying
make PPP work too.

Here my problem start.....

- If I try use:  /usr/sbin/chat -v /dev/cua2  "ATDP2210100"
nothing happened. After more ou less 2 minutes the prompt return with
no errors message.
- If I try use: /usr/sbin/pppd connect "chat -v (or other argument)
ATZ Ok ATDP2210100"  I get the errors message: - V (or other
argument): unrecognized command.

HOWEVER if I use MINICOM to connect to my server PPP and after the
login e password I jump to use: pppd -d -detach /dev/cua2 & everything
works fine and I can make ping in my and int the server PPP IP adress
(how indicates de PPP How To).

Is there any good soul to help me ?????

Thanks in Advance


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