Need Help setting up groups and permissions in order to use wu-ftp

Need Help setting up groups and permissions in order to use wu-ftp

Post by whodatb » Fri, 19 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Need Help setting up groups and permissions in order to use wu-ftp

I've been screwing around with my ftp server all day and have come the
realization I dont know what the hell I'm doing and need some help...

I have Redhat 6.1 install and am running the latest version of
wu-ftpd.  what I would like to accomplish is the following:

1.      a mount point called /home with all ftp user home dirs under
        this point.  Acutally this part is done.

2.      When a user logs in he has access to do whatever he wants only
        under his home dir.  I want to also keep the user from going
        up the tree.  I followed a set of instructions I found to
        chroot the home dir.  What happened is when I ftp in I
        cannot go anywhere, but I cant see what is really there
        either.  I created the bin and etc dir like the instructions
         said with all the files in each...still no love.

3.      Create a group called ftp-admin, and give users of this group
        full access to all dirs under /home
        When a user of ftp-admin creates a file in a users home dir
        what would I have to do to make the users able to treat it
        as if they created it?

4.      What does the following file do and what should the correct
        entries be:  /usr/lib/linuxconf/redhat/perm/wuftpd

I'm sure all this is much simpler than it appear to me right now.
Hopefully, I will still have some hair left by the
time I get finished :)

Any help is appreciated,

Below are my configurations files if that will assist:

------- /usr/lib/linuxconf/redhat/perm/wuftpd   ------
/home/          root    root            d       775

------- /etc/ftpgroups  ------

------- /etc/passwd (shortened) ------

------- /etc/group (shortened)  ------

-------         /etc/ftpaccess  ------
class   all   real,guest,anonymous  *

loginfails 3

readme  README*    login
readme  README*    cwd=*

message /welcome.msg            login
message .message                cwd=*

compress        yes     guest,real
tar             yes     guest,real
chmod           no      guest,anonymous
delete          no      guest,anonymous
overwrite       no      guest,anonymous
rename          no      guest,anonymous

log transfers   guest,real,anonymous    inbound,outbound

shutdown /etc/shutmsg

passwd-check rfc822 warn
chmod           yes     real
delete          yes     real
overwrite       yes     real
rename          yes     real
tar             no      anonymous
compress        no      anonymous

guestgroup ftp-men

------- /etc/ftphosts   ------
# Example host access file

# Everything after a '#' is treated as comment,
# empty lines are ignored