IP Eavesdropping with Linux

IP Eavesdropping with Linux

Post by Mike Goldm » Tue, 16 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I'm running a recent-alpha Linux kernel, and I'm looking for a
solution to trace packets on a local ethernet, to see how much
bandwidth is consumed by each machine on the net at various times of
day.  I recognize that this could be accomplished with firewall
software (ipfwadm?), however it is necessary that all machines be
directly IP addressable on the Internet.  What programs are
recommended to accomplish this, if it is indeed possible?


1. detecting physical eavesdropping


Has any of you thought about a way to detect physical eavesdropping,
at cable level.

It occurred to me that even if you don't share UTP cables, and you
switch Ethernet traffic, ...  someone can always cut a cable open and
monitor (part of) your network activity with crocodile clips (and
quite possibly hide a recording device somewhere in the ceiling or

I suppose this would introduce some noise in the signal. It would
anyway incur a signal drop of 3 dB and maybe also  cause a rise in BER
if the signal is already weak but I'm not going to place an
oscilloscope on my LAN to monitor that kind of things. The cost would
be prohibitive and it would be unpractical to say the least.

So how would you tackle this problem if physical eavesdropping was a
threat to you? Are there any 100-TX Ethernet cards that have a signal
gain register or something? If so, I could hack a driver to
automatically detect electrical anomalies on the network, which would
at least partially solve the problem.

Any idea?

uncle seb.

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