PCTel WinModem with pctel-2.4.7 Driver

PCTel WinModem with pctel-2.4.7 Driver

Post by Young4er » Tue, 21 Aug 2001 12:19:25


I have installed two units of pctel winmodems on my linux machine.  The
pctel-2.4.7 driver only recoqnizes one of the pctel modems.  Has anyone had
tried the pctel driver to drive more than one pctel winmodems?

While at the subject, is it possible to program the pctel modem to generate
a dialtone so that I can connect some devices to the modem port to dial
into the modem (no need to have a telephone line emulator)?



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1. RH 7.0 and a PCTel winmodem

Hey all,

    I have a PCTel Platinum v.90 56.6K modem using the 1798w chipset. I have
downloaded the linmodem drivers for it and i can get RH to recognize the
modem and then dial out to my ISP and connect successfully. After a few
seconds, like less than 30, the connection dies, ive tried commenting out
the "lock" entries in /etc/ppp/options but that doesnt seem to have any
effect. RH ppp dialer will not work at all because the interface startup
fails, Kppp works but then it dies as mentioned before.

I cannot seem to use any internet tools or a web browser, does anybody know
anything that could help, or have had the same problem....or should i just
stop being cheap and go out and get a "real" modem?

Thanks in advance,


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