REQ: recommendations for home network firewall

REQ: recommendations for home network firewall

Post by NoNameHe » Fri, 21 Jun 2002 13:15:55

I am looking for your recommendations for an easy-to-use SOHO type of

Currently, I run the free version of Astaro Security Linux 3.2.  It
uses Stateful Packet Inspection, and has a cool little SMTP relay that
will store mail for me if I crash my email server (a frequent
occurance as I toy with different Exchange 2K configurations).

However, it has a 10-IP address limit for my internal LAN.  I am at 8
IPs, and will be getting a couple of more Pentium-][ computers in the
next month from work.

So, anyone know of a product similar to the Astaro, but without the
10-IP limit, preferably with the built-in SMTP relay???


1. Req: Networking Firewall / Network Security Consultant

= = = > please forward profiles to

Please let me know if you have any suitable references for the
following requirement:

Networking Firewall / Network Security Consultant
Location: Charlotte: NC
1 Year Project


* Working knowledge of NetScreen firewalls and NSM.
* Must have experience building IPSec VPNs between NetScreen firewalls
using NSM.
* Must be an expert at the NetScreen command line interface.
* Must have a very thorough understanding of communication networks
including; TCP/IP and it's low level mechanics, IPsec, complex routing
including OSPF, BGP and the potential interoperation thereof; layer 2
technologies such as IPSec VPNs, NetScreen Firewalls, NetScreens
management platform (NSM), Ethernet, Spanning-Tree and RSTP;
firewalling and stateful inspection; packet capture and analysis; DNS,

Strong familiarity with Cisco IOS and all platforms related to above
mentioned technologies. A technical understanding of multi-tier
application architectures and performance issues. Very strong ability
to aggregate all mentioned skills to design troubleshoot or critique
complex network infrastructures. Ability to read, analyze, and
interpret common scientific and technical journals. Ability to respond
to common inquiries or complaints from customers, regulatory agencies,
or members of the business community. Ability to create network
diagrams and technical documentation. Ability to effectively present
information to top management. Ability to define problems, collect
data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions. Ability to
interpret an extensive variety of technical instructions in
mathematical or diagram form and deal with several abstract and
concrete variables.

Behavior Characteristics:
This person absolutely must be a fantastic communicator. He or she
must be extremely team oriented. It is also essential that this
individual have a very positive attitude.

JNCIS-FWV (Juinper NetScreen FW Cert) - Highly desired 2 Years 1-
Experience with NetScreen Firewalls - Required 3 Years 2-Intermediate
TCP/IP, IPSec VPNs - Required 4 Years 1-Advanced
Network Firewalls -Required 4 Years 1-Advanced
NSM (NetScreen Security Manager) - Required 2 Years 1-Advanced
CISSP - Nice to have
OSPF - Required 3 Years 2-Intermediate
BGP - Desired 2 Years 2-Intermediate

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