Samba problem

Samba problem

Post by Per Solhe » Fri, 02 Mar 2001 06:12:09


I've got a strange problem with my Samba server. It's hosting WinME
clients and some times it would not connect others to the server when
a particular user works with files in his own home-dir.
The error-message is that the user does either not exist or password
is wrong.

How can I fix this?

I only use two clients, and have five users in Samba. Max connections
is set to 10.

Sincerely Per


1. Samba problems: Samba not in Network Neighborhood

I have (the latest) Samba installed and have two problems that I can't
seem to solve.

First, my setup: Machine 1 is linux/samba machine.  Machine 2 is Win
95 and Machine 3 is WfWG 3.11 with TCP/IP.  They connect with
ethernet.  All machines can ping each other and the other TCP stuff
works fine.

Machines 2 and 3 can mount each other's drives and printers fine.
Machine 2 can mount the Samba shares but only after I run the "Find
Computer" tool.  It doesn't appear in the Network Neighborhood with
the other machines.

I used smbclient to verify that Machine 1 can mount look at the shares
on all three machines and the Workgroup name is the same.

I was able to drag a shortcut into network neightborhood but that's
not the same as actually being there.

A possibly related problem is machine 3, the Win 3.11 one, cannot see
the samba shares at all.  The server doesn't appear.

Is there some Samba option that I don't have enabled?  With the Win 95
machine it's only annoying not having it in the Neighborhood but it is
entirely unusable from machine 3.  This I really need to fix.

BTW: One further problem I haven't looked at too closely: All the
mounted shares are done as "pcguest" and not as the username logged in
to win 95.  I have the same username/password on both machines.  Is
there a Win 95 option somewhere I need to change?

thanks, jv

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