Solaris7 padl pam_ldap nss_ldap openldap pam

Solaris7 padl pam_ldap nss_ldap openldap pam

Post by tolga ceyl » Sun, 24 Mar 2002 17:52:16

This turned out to be a fantasy. I tried every permutation described
in although my system is solaris 7.

I can login to the openldap server (another solaris 7 box) via
openssl s_client -connect

And without ssl/tls everything seems fine. With tls/ssl debug mode
server says:

Client Certificate Read failed...

I tried TLSClientVerify false. But no hope...Why does the server
on reading client's certificate? I have exactly the same config
described  in

As I change and try permutations of the configuration, I always ended
with no_shared_ciphers,
unknown protocol, TLS cannot except, etc....

Is there an easy way or cool documentation about this somewhere? Or
I'll switch to stunnel...

openssl 0.9.6b
openldap (2.0.24)
padl nssl pam downloaded yesterday... :-)) forgot the version...
solaris 7 with latest patches.

And is there anyone succeeded with solaris 7 and openldap ssl???

Tolga Ceylan
System Engineer


1. SunONE DS, PADL pam_ldap, OpenLDAP client library... and SSL.

I've been experimenting with LDAP for a few months now, on and off, and
have ended up with SunONE DS server side (for it's multimaster
replication), and PADL pam and nss_ldap, and OpenLDAP's client library
as my client side, for the feature-completeness of it - I needed
account management and public-key authentication to work
simultaneously, and was not able to with Sun's lame library...

But that's not the problem. The problem's pretty boggling to me. I want
to run under SSL, an understandable desire, you'll agree.  I turned SSL
on (after much switch-fumbling to get it to work) and it works _fine_
running via the OpenLDAP ldapsearch, works _fine_ using nss_ldap, but
when you try to log in with pam_ldap, I get:

May 24 09:25:16 hostname login: pam_ldap: ldap_result Timed out

The SunONE logs show an LDAPS connection, but no bind or query.

I had everything working fine before tying on SSL, and if I turn SSL
off, it works fine again.  I've verified that it is, in fact, using SSL
for the NSS and manual searches using snoop.

Has anyone run into something this insane?

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