PLIP Problem with Linux Kernel 1.2.11

PLIP Problem with Linux Kernel 1.2.11

Post by Andrew EVE » Thu, 07 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I am using Linux 1.2.11, and I am trying to set up a PLIP connection to a
laptop. I have already successfully set up SLIP to my ISP and wish to use
the Linux box as a gateway.

 As I was unsure of the specific kernel options required for PLIP, I
compiled 2 kernels :

1. With PLIP and Parallel enabled.
2. With only PLIP enabled.

After moving the kernel into the appropriate position (On a DOS partition,
I use LoadLin), I rebooted. Examining the kernel messages in
/var/adm/messages and by dmesg, I noticed that the PLIP driver did not
initialize. Similarly with the other kernel. I then checked /proc/net/dev,
which showed my four slip devices (sl0-sl4), my loopback device (lo) and
my dummy device (dummy), but no plip.

plipconfig plip1 reports :
ioctl: No such device

ifconfig plip1 reports :
plip1: unknown interface.

Similarly for plip0, /dev/plip1, /dev/plip0, /dev/lp0, /dev/lp1.

After scrutinizing the kernel driver and turning debugging (NET_DEBUG = 3)
on, the driver was still silent. I also compiled plip.o as a kernel
loadable module, still no luck.

Is this a problem with the major or minor kernel revision (should I go to
1.2.13, or 1.3.x) or is there something I have overlooked.

Thank You
Andrew Evers.


CSSC First Year Representative.


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I could not get dld 3.2.5 to pass it's test suite with kernel 1.2.11.
Has anyone succeeded with this combination?  How can I get dld to work
with this kernel? (I need a working dld in order to run postgres95 without elf.)

The "reload" test is the first to fail with "Function main not executable!",

Thank you - lee

Here is some of the test directory make output.
There are more errors after this.  If someone wants more information,
I will be be happy to email the full output file and to answer questions.
reload reload-test
unlink returned 0
link returnd 0
Function main not executable!
make: [all] Error 1 (ignored)
#                                "test general"
dld-test <SAMPLE_INPUT
Can't link: bad magic number.
Can't link: bad magic number.
Can't link: bad magic number.
Can't link: bad magic number.
Can't link: bad magic number.
Can't link: bad magic number.
(dld) dld hello.o
(dld) hello
hello world!
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