Yggdrasil linux boot w/ Phillips CD-ROM

Yggdrasil linux boot w/ Phillips CD-ROM

Post by Michael H. Holco » Mon, 06 Mar 1995 11:31:11

I purchased the Yaggdrasil fall 94 linux distribution on CD ROM and
unfortunately I did not notice that it did not support the Phillips LMS CM206
CD ROM drives. I hae contacted Yaggdrasil about this problem and they only say
that I should try to use the MSCDEX boot configuration to load linux.
Unfortunately I haven't a clue as to what they are talking about since I am
such a novice and they haven't been too forth coming in explaining what steps
I need to perform in order to accomplish this method. Their ftp sight mentions
they have a a way of booting from the Phillips CD ROM but they don't tell
where to get the info or how to do this?? Can anyone please shed some light on
how to get my Phillips CD ROM to boot the linux distribution?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi, every body out there,

I am trying to install Slackware Linux 3.0 into my PC with
Phillips CM205 2xSpeed CD-ROM and interface to SoundBlaster
card, but who can tell me where I can find booting file for
CM205? Thanks in advance!

- bian


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