Controlling external software through the MIB??

Controlling external software through the MIB??

Post by hear.. » Wed, 25 Oct 2000 04:00:00

Hi all-

 I am trying to get a MIB extension to run external code when an SNMP
set or get command is invoked.  Does anyone out there know how to
accomplish this? I was told that it can be done using perl scripts
through a MIB.c (??) , but I am trying to figure out how to actually
accomplish the task.

 Thanks in advance!

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1. hpnp.mib MIB SNMP & SunNet Manager


I have troubles to convert the hpnp.mib file from JetAdmin 3.15 into  
a SunNet Manager 2.3 schema file :

mib2schema hpnp.mib
  Translating ....
  line #18: syntax error
  last token read was "GdStatusEntry"
  Translation aborted - unable to recover

Thanks for help

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