SEEK HELP: mount via ncpmount(ipxutils) in RH7.1 a Novell Netware 5 NDS login

SEEK HELP: mount via ncpmount(ipxutils) in RH7.1 a Novell Netware 5 NDS login

Post by Aditya Pand » Sat, 26 Jan 2002 13:22:00

HI experts
I m a newbie
Read all the FAQ(IPX-HOWTO and other documentation).

But I still can't mount my login directory of Novell Netware 5
Using slist I can see the CSESERVER.

On CSESERVER, my login(username) is CP990821 in Tree recjaipur Context

KIndly help me in the same. I have tried the ncpmount command, says
that login does      not exist on the server.

Aditya Kuamr Pandey
Linux Enthu.
LUG Jaipur Member
ReC Jaipur, III B.E. Computer


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Running Redhat 7.  TCP/IP installed and running.  ncpfs.o is loaded as a
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