Sync to Async PPP - ISDN

Sync to Async PPP - ISDN

Post by Scott Ca » Tue, 01 Aug 1995 04:00:00

My ISDN line goes in this friday, and I'll be testing it with a 3com
Impact ISDN T/A.

It's external, serial, AT compatable, and has something about Sync to
Async ppp conversion.

How well does this work with Linux.  My coworkers have gotten it to work
in Winblows with Chameleon 4.5.1


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1. SPARC10 ISDN, Sync or Async?

Can anyone tell me if the SPARC 10's ISDN interface with the Sunlink BRI
enabling kit supports ANSI V.120 and acts like an asyncronous terminal
adapter or if it acts like a syncronous dial up router using PPP?

I would like to have PCs dial into it for Xwindows access.  If
the SPARC acts as a syncronous PPP router, I should go with a PC card
that supports ODI or NDIS and connects with sync PPP.  If the SPARC acts
as a terminal adapter, I should go with a digital modem or TA and async
PPP or Hummingbird's eXceed eXpress.

Much Thanks,


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