Two questions re internet access

Two questions re internet access

Post by Tom Barnes-Lawrenc » Sun, 21 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Hello, sorry if this isn't the appropriate NG for this post:
    Our family recently got internet access at home, with
the UK ISP Freeserve. It's connected to the sort of family computer,
which I had previously installed Red-Hat on (forget which version, it was
from an old Dev-Res CD set), and currently running under win 95.
    I'm not exactly a Linux newbie, as I've been using it on *my* machine
for about 2 years now (mutilated version of Slackware); I've had it
connected to a network for a short time (with my Uni flatmates last year)
with a bit of success.
    ANYHOW. I'm getting *really* fed up with having to use win95 to connect
to the internet- various things are annoying me like the way the "Log on as
user Foo" options work-or don't. I really need to set up Linux on at least
*one* of the machines to be able to connect to the ISP.
    So:Firstly, has anyone got any experience with using this ISP
(Freeserve, in UK)? Does it need anything odd? Does it work at all with
Linux? They have the helpline, but it's 1 per minute and they'd probably
say "whats a Linux?", or "Get Win95" or something.
    Secondly, can anybody point me in direction of *any* appropriate docs
for anything neccessary for connecting to an ISP? I'm sure I've seen a
PPP-Howto, but are there any other How-Tos that would be relevant, or docs
from any other source? Linux PPP for Dummies? What I know about PPP could be
written on the back of a list of the good features of MS Outlook Express.
Anything would be welcome!
    Oh yeah, before I forget, I removed most of the network config type
files from my Linux box when I removed it from the network (it kept
complaining because it couldn't find anything). I don't think it had any
stuff like firewalling or whathaveyou at the time, just IP, I think. We
managed to telnet to each other's machines, and possibly we had ftp too, but
little else. So perhaps those docs ought to include stuff on IP and
networking and remote X connections, etc.

    I don't use Usenet *every* night, could you email suggestions?
Tom Barnes-Lawrence (aka Tomble the Bod)
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email me.
Apologies for any glitches in post, blame windoze.


1. problems configuring two NICs to access local net and internet

I have two NICs:
NIC 1 is supposed to connect me to the local LAN (
NIC 2 is supposed to connect me to the internet via a DSL line. I have a
static IP address from my DSL provider. And I also have a DSL bridge
that should function as the gateway to the web.
I can ping both ethernet cards fine. I can also ping the DSL bridge
fine. I cannot ping one of my DNS servers. I cannot ping any of the
other two PCs (WIN NT) connected to the web. IP forwarding is turned on.
I left the default route.conf intact. I added one line to reach the
This is all I could make from the information supplied in the Suse
handbook. When I run
rcroute restart
the script fails with the following message:
Shutting down routing
Error while executing:
/sbin/route del -net netmask gw
SIOCDELRT: No such process
Shutting down routing
I do not quite understand why it apparently wants to delete something
rather than add, hmm.
Typing /sbin/route yields a routing table whose first three lines all
start with the correct destinations, gateway, netmasks, and
interfaces. The last line shows as destination which according
to the SuSE handbook should never be there.
After reasing the NET-3 HOWTO I tried this manual command after first
issuing rcnetwork restart:
route add default gw eth0
and after issuing this command, I can ping one of my nameservers and get
on the internet. I still am clueless about how to reach computers on my
LAN. The other computers on my LAN are both NT machines.
By the way, before installing SuSE I had worked with Linux Mandrake.
Using linuxconf, setting up the connections, so I could reach my local
PCs as well as the internet, as well as share the DSL line to reach the
web from my two NT machines was easy. Admitted, I did not understand how
it worked, but that is not what I usually have to care about in my line
of work.
I am new to linux, so I am sure somebody out there knows exactly how to
do this ... thanks for pointers!

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