the right way to grab UDPs

the right way to grab UDPs

Post by Farsh » Wed, 16 Apr 2003 03:10:23


I want to intercept UDP packets coming from a specific IP when they
are going to be forwarded via a machine. There are basically two ways
to do this using iptables:

- sending packets to the userspace by libipq and then reinjecting them
- opening a dummy socket, making packets forwarded to the dummy socket
instead, then resending them over another dummy socket, setting the
iptables to spoof their source IP to the original IP of the sender

What do you think of these ways? Thanks for any comments.



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I'd like to set up FreeBSD and have found relitivly little spacific
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says what exactly I need to download from the distribution sights. I
took a wild guess and got the whole 2.2.5-release directory/sub-dirs.
But when downloading it came accross the 2.2.5-release/packages/xxx,
where xxx were directorys which containded symbolic links to what I
assume were gunzip files in the 2.2.5-release/packages/all/ directory.
But anyway, it didn't download all the symbolic links.

Did I get the right stuff???
Are those links not being there going to affect installation???
When I install it, do I need the whole 2.2.5-release directory available
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Thanks in advance

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