LDAP Profile

LDAP Profile

Post by Rich Bogl » Wed, 16 Jun 2004 04:18:18

I am using Sun Directory server and now have everything running as I need
it.  Is it possible to create an LDAP profile for servers, etc like is used
on a solaris system??



1. ldap client profile


I'm trying to use profile so to change the way user are identified on
a machine.

I want to use a different attribute than uid. When building profile I
give the mapping for uid :
 -a attributeMap=passwd:uid=myuid
 -a attributeMap=shadow:uid=myuid

But it seems that one mapping is missing. When I look at the log of
the ldap server it looks for sim

(&(objectClass=posixAccount)(uid=ZZZ))" attrs="cn uid uidNumber
gidNumber gecos description homeDirectory loginShell"

Instead of
(&(objectClass=posixAccount)(myuid=ZZZ))" attrs="cn uid uidNumber
gidNumber gecos description homeDirectory loginShell"

I think I'm missing something somewhere....or maybe a full
documentation of what is used as values by the cachemgr


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