in.rshd not always starting

in.rshd not always starting

Post by Bryan Stant » Fri, 27 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I often start scripts on my Linux box from Windows NT with the "rsh"
command.  80% of the time, the scripts start.  But sometimes "rsh"
times out on the NT box.  It tried to take in.rshd out of the
inetd.conf and run it as a daemon, but I can't get it to start as a
daemon.  Can I run it as a daemon so that it will always be ready?
Anyone have any other ideas about how to make in.rshd more reliable.
It is possible it is a problem on the NT side   :-o

P.S.   The syslog only says "in.rshd [21944]: connect from hostname"
It doesn't have any errors about in.rshd.

Thanks, Bryan


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Hey all,
Strange problem here. I use tcp_wrapper (ver 7.6)  to controll access to
inetd controlled daemons. /etc/hosts.allow permits
rlogind,rhsd,telnetd,fptd from specified networks. On testing ALL
externally allowd hosts can access the box EXCEPT by using rcp. Rshd
contolls rcp, so I removed wrapper control of rhsd and viola rcp works.
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such thing)

Any ideas here ????

Devon Caines

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