Problems with netatalk

Problems with netatalk

Post by Sebastian Wangeman » Wed, 27 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I have installed AppleTalk at my Linux (SuSe 6.00).
Every time, I boot up, I get the following stuff:

Starting netatalk: nbp_rgstr: Connection timed out

nbp_rgstr: Connection timed out

(My Linux-Server is called 'heinz')

Content of atalkd.conf::
eth0 - phase 2 -addr .... -zone "..."

Content of afpd.conf:

Don't know more about it.
Someone to help me?



Hendrik Tilger
Max-Planck-Institut fr Biogeochemie



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I tried your netatalk+asun package today with a Suse Linux 6.4 machine
and got the following problem:
I only can login as Guest-User. I read the comment, that this is a
problem with shadow-passwords but I already
used the tar.gz-file for shadow-pw-systems. Are there any other reasons
that could cause user validation errors
with a standard-shadow-system ? Or a configuration switch on the mac
clients I forgot ?

Maybe you'll know what I've to do.

Thank you in advance.

Benjamin Grimm

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