tracking data usage of users

tracking data usage of users

Post by David Rya » Sat, 01 Nov 1997 04:00:00

G'day all,
        I am in need of further information on how transferred bytes are
associated with users.

We have a number of users connected to our server. They browse the web,
send email etc. I would like to know what percentages of transferred
bytes are associated with the user and the bytes associated with root.
The point is that root transfers a large amount of bytes compared to the
users and I am assuming that root is needed for some jobs like DNS and
so on.

So, if a user were to go to a web site, what percentage of bytes would
be associated with the user and how many to root?

Thanks in advance.



1. Tracking Internet Usage per user through a linux gateway?

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to put together a solution for a client of mine and I'm looking
for some advice on what would be the best way to do it under Linux.

Here is the brief.  The client is a landlord for a block of appartments,
they have a highspeed internet connection they plan to share to every
appartment and charge each appartment per mb used. So what I'm building is
basically a linux box that will sit between those appartments and the
internet and track how much data every users uses (both in and out, all
protocols, and must have security against users impersonating each other to
trick the system into billing somebody else for their useage.) and then each
month give a total of the mb used per user (viewable via a password
protected page on a webserver running off the server).

Right now I'm thinking a socks proxy server which users must login to to
connect to the internet.  Then using a script to get stats from the log
file.  Does anybody know of a better way of doing this or of a script that
can get the total mb used per user from a socks proxy log file?  I've been
searching the net for such a script or any ideas on how else to do this but
I've not found much - there seem to be hundreds of stats scipts for squid
but non for socks.  (squid wouldnt work as it only supports some protocols)

I orginally was just going to use an ip chains rule and ipmasq to track
static ip addresses we would assign out but I couldn't see how to prevent a
user from using another users ip address and making the system think they
were another user. - Any ideas on how I could guard against that?

I'd greatlly appreciate any ideas or comments.


p.s.  Any solutions can't can't be commercial, the only reason I'm selling a
linux based solution to the client is they are short on cash,  if it starts
to cost they will pick windows.

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