DHCP client (dhcpcd) for Caldera 1.3?

DHCP client (dhcpcd) for Caldera 1.3?

Post by Mugu » Tue, 13 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I have Caldera 2.2 and I would really appreciate any help with dhcpcd. I
have Bell's High Speed Edition and I cannot get an IP address under Linux.
It works fine in Windoze.
I can see packets in/out when I manually launch the daemon, but that's all.


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1. DHCP client (dhcpcd) for Caldera 1.3?


DHCP is a common reality, but Caldera doesn't seem to support its client or
be interested. "Our OpenLinux distribution currently does not include a DHCP
client. So it isn't something that we are familure with to even give you
some pointers." (End of knowledge base entry)

So, I searched for a general use DHCP client, to find dhcpcd v. 1.3 from
Phystech (or something like that). It looks great, except that its readme
warns that it will not even compile without Glibc2. I know Caldera has
glibc2 _runtime_ libraries, so my question is, will this suffice? Has anyone
tried it?

If it cannot be made to work, does anyone have a dhcpcd ver. 0.70 or better
that was made for libc5 systems (Caldera or RedHat 4.2)?


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