nfsroot on Dell Inspiron 7500 w/ 3Com FE575C

nfsroot on Dell Inspiron 7500 w/ 3Com FE575C

Post by Peter Nehr » Sun, 22 Jul 2001 14:57:06

Dear Linux Gurus,

I'm wondering if anyone could offer some advice on how to nfs-boot my
Inspiron 7500 with a 3Com FE575C pcmcia netcard. I have a RedHat 7.0
running on my local net, with a copy of the base filesystem exported
via NFS. I have dhcpd running and bootp configured. I compiled the
latest kernel 2.4.6 w/ all that is required -- nfsroot, bootp, pcmcia,
etherned, etc. I'm using a modified RedHat rescue disk to boot my
kernel (so I can pass in params thru append). The kernel boots fine,
finds and inits the netcard, and attempts to mount root thru nfs.

The problem is that it takes about 2 seconds for the net card to
actually start working (the green lite comes on). By that time, NFS
mount has already failed. Is there any way I can delay nfs mount by
some 2 seconds? I'm sure the card would be ready to work by then. It
seems all the protocols are configured, and the card does turn on in
the end, and there don't seem to be any IRQ conflicts or anything. I'm
sure my NFS server works as well.

Any valuable suggestions would be appreciated.

#mv /windows/me /linux