SMB/CIFS and absolute symbolic links

SMB/CIFS and absolute symbolic links

Post by Martin Coope » Wed, 28 May 2003 18:51:57

Quote:> Can anyone explain why I can't create symbolic links that point
> a share if I've mounted it as type 'cifs' from a Samba server with
> 'unix extensions' turned on?  For example, if I've mounted my home
> directory with 'mount.cifs //hop2/mfg /mnt/smb/mfg' then 'ln -s
> produces a link pointing to 'tmp' rather than '/tmp' if I run the
> command in any directory under /mnt/smb/mfg.   Is there an option
> or patch to Samba to turn this behaviour off, or is it a limitation
> of the CIFS protocol?

> Michael Gordon
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    two options control this behaviour, but I think the defaults do
what you want (at least in my version of samba).  Try adding the
following options :-

follow symlinks = yes
wide links = yes

The 'follow symlinks = yes' option tells samba to follow any symlinks
within the exported directory tree.  The 'wide links = yes' tells
samba to follow any symlinks that go outside the exported directory
structure.  With your problem, it sounds like one of these two options
has been set to 'no' in your smb.conf, so you will need to remove the
offending option.