Optimizing Linux Server

1. Optimizing INN 1.4/1.5 on Linux server

I'm sure this question has been asked many times, but I'm not having much
success finding existing stuff via search engines.

I have just rebuilt a news server which used to run FreeBSD 2.2, and I'm
experimenting now with Linux 2.0.28 (RedHat 4.0). The system is a Pentium
166, Adaptec 2940W, 3 SCSI-Wide 4GB drives (in RAID0 array using md),
128MB EDO RAM, SMC Etherpower PCI Ethernet card. There are currently 20
feeds, of which 14 are all newsgroups, and about 20 simultaneous news
reader sessions.

What I'm trying to find out is what optimizations I can make to increase
performance on both the feeding and reading of news. I'm looking for FAQs,
Web sites, USENET postings, whatever, about Linux-specific suggestions.

The areas of optimization I can think of are:

 - patches/options in INN server (1.4unoff4 currently, soon 1.5.1) that
   increase Linux performance, such as MMAP options, etc
 - patches/options/enhancements to NNRP (reader server) to increase
   performance, and possibly lower memory requirements (such as the
   shared active patch, if it works with Linux, or modifications that
   lower the memory overhead of an nnrp session)
 - administrative methods (changing priorities, frequency of repeatitive
   tasks, etc)
 - patches or adjustments to Linux kernel that increase news performance
   (ie mount options, kernel optimizations, etc)

Thanks for your input. If there is not a Web page dedicated to this type
of thing, I will plan on putting one together based on your input
(credited to the appropriate author), to help others who are using Linux
as a high-performance server like this.

Pete Kruckenberg

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