Give me advice and reccommendation

Give me advice and reccommendation

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Our company preparing to begin Internet services. And we are finding
hardware and software for Internet server. Also we will provide remote
dial-upaccess for our customer. Therefore also we need remote access
server such as Cico 2511, Cisco 5200, Shiva, US Robotics etc., In that
case we need some softare for authentication, authoration, accounting.
Idon`t know about RADIUS server. RADIUS server provide all above things.
But I think RADIUS server accounting is not good. Is it true? Plase,
explain me about RADIUS server. Also I need information about CSU/DSU.
Please give me advice and reccommendation all my interesting thins. I
need that information sooner.

Thans for help.

Network Engineer of Mongolian Telecom