98 telnet doesn't work but ftp works

98 telnet doesn't work but ftp works

Post by Zheng Su » Tue, 02 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Hi there,

In a Linux-to-Windows 98 LAN, 'c:\telnet mylinuxbox' doesn't work.  After
telnet window pops up, it dies before 'login:' prompt. The Oracle 'sqlplus'
in Window environment doesn't establish the connection with Oracle server
on Linux box as well.

But, 'c:\sqlplus orcl' in Dos works and 'c:\tnsping orcl' is normal. In
fact, Linux-to-Windows 95 works. That means my Linux box and my LAN
connection are ok. In 98 box, I can do 'c:\ftp mylinuxbox' as well. I guess
the problem in this without DUN LAN is Winsock doesn't work. Actually, the
98 box comes with a internal modem but I don't want to use it so I didn't
setup the DUN and IE now.

Any hit will be welcome.

Thank you.


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Hi all

I am setting up a Linux router with a Redhat 6.2 machine (But it has a
specially made Linux 2.4 kernel) with two Intel Pro/100+ cards. The
card at eth0 has an ip address of and it is connect to
a switch with subnet The eth1 card
( is connected to a hub and this network has the
subnet of A host machine with an Intel Pro/100+
card and an ip address of is also connected to the
hub. From the router machine, I can ping and telnet into the host machine. However, I cannot ping from the machine to the router( But oddly, I
can ftp and telent????? Have anyone experienced this problems before.
Also, both machine connecting to the hub are connect to the regular
port (No uplink). Thank you


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