PCMCIA Network cards and Linux?

PCMCIA Network cards and Linux?

Post by Michael James Weiskopf » Tue, 27 Apr 1999 04:00:00

First of all I am new to both Linux, and Linux on laptops.  I have a
Toshiba Satelite Pro 435 CDS running Red Hat Linux 5.2 and it is running
fine.  I downloaded and installed, I think, the latest drivers for
PCMCIA cards, specifically mine which is a 3com 10/100 Base-tx NIC
(model: 3ccfe574bt).  So now that I have the drivers installed, how do I
configure the PCMCIA card so I can get on the Network.  any help would
be appriciative.

Thanks in advanced


1. PCMCIA Grey Cell Network Card and PCMCIA Modem don't work together

Can anyone offer any help with the following problem.

I have a system running Redhat Linux 6.0. It is currently set up with a Grey
Cell Ethernet Gold II PCMCIA Card which is a network only card. I am now
trying to set the machine up to be able to use a modem. So far I have tried
two PCMCIA modems (the Xircom CreditCard Ethernet + Modem II and the Psion
Dacom Gold Card Global 56K V.90), with the same result. With the modem as
the only device plugged in, it works fine and can connect to my ISP without
any problems. When I have the network card plugged in as well as the modem,
the modem no longer works. When testing using minicom, I have been unable to
get any sort of response from the modem.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems? I would be grateful for any
suggestions that might help me solve the problem.

Thank you

Philip Ross

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