Newbie - RH 5.2 & DaynaPort PCI Ethernet Card

Newbie - RH 5.2 & DaynaPort PCI Ethernet Card

Post by Ken Agre » Thu, 04 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Help!  I'm installing Linux in my lab at home to get some learning
time without hurting any production systems.  I've got a Dayna 10/100
Ethernet card, and I've no clue which driver I should be trying to use
to get the silly thing running under RedHat 5.2.  I've searched driver
databases on the web, searched the newsgroups with DejaNews, and
haven't had any luck locating a driver.

Is anyone aware of a driver I can download anywhere?  Or a compatible
driver I can use?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Ken Agress


1. RH 5.2 & SMC 1211TX PCI Ethernet Card


Linux newbie here....installing a network is...interesting...

My problem: I'm using a SMC  1211TX Plug and Play PCI card and couldn't get
it to work with any of the SMC drivers available in the RH  5.2
installation.  Any recommendations?  From reading this news group I'm aware
that most cards support the NE2000 spec in some form or another but am
unaware of how to begin and the idea of recompiling the kernel is not too
appealing to a Linux newbie. (*Really New - I consider myself almost and
expert in NT and I feen  I haven't even begun to harness the potential of

Thanks in advance.

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