all messages the same date and time (fetchmail)

all messages the same date and time (fetchmail)

Post by Denn » Wed, 28 Jul 2004 20:39:02

Hi all,

I use fetchmail to get my e-mail. It is delivered to Postfix (with
virus and spam filter). I also use procmail. This works great, but...
When my server is down for a few days, all new mails get the same date
and time (probably because of last header added by postfix). From the
fetchmail FAQ:

O10. Why is the received date on all my messages the same?

This is a design choice in your MTA, not fetchmail. It's taking the
received date from the last Received header.

Is there a solution (using postfix or procmail) to correct this
problem, because I think more people have this problem. (For example
remove the last header added by postfix).

Best regards,



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I hope i can drop my question about Linux shell programming here?

I'm writing a script in bash to find files. I'm using the slocate
programm, which is being runned every hour using a cron job, to create
it's database.

Now i want to know how long it is ago that the database has been
recreated. Zo i need to check the date and time from that file and
compare it with the current date and time. I know there must be easy to
do but i can't find the trick to do it.

Maikel van Gorkom

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