2 net cards with loadable mods

2 net cards with loadable mods

Post by Bill Dosset » Thu, 20 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I can't figure out how to have two network
cards with using loadable modules...

Can anyone tell me where to look or quickly
how this can be done.  I used to pass parameter
in lilo.conf, but this doesn't seem to work
and trying to load the module again says it
is already loaded and I still only get eth0...

advance thanks for advice

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1. Problem: multiple net cards + warm boot = one net card???

    I am setting up slip or a form of it and am having problems with getting
linux to recognize the cards after a warm boot.
I have the following hardware:
  486DX33 16 meg ram
  no parallel
  one serial
  2 wd8003 8 bit cards
    card one :  I/O base 280  IRQ 7  RAM base de000
    card two :  I/O base 2c0  IRQ 5  RAM base ce000

they come up fine after a cold boot but only one card is recognized after a
warm boot.

I modified the code to auto detect multiple cards (/usr/src/linux/Space.c).
and to use the I/O addressed I needed.

Email would be best, but
beggars can't be choosers.

thanks, David Besancon

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