project: samba over a lan-phoneline-lan connection.

project: samba over a lan-phoneline-lan connection.

Post by Torsten Edele » Fri, 31 Mar 2000 04:00:00

hello networkers...

The teamleader in my company has given me task.

i must connect 2 lan's over a phoneline to a virtual lan with samba

so every computer can connect to any other computer in the vlan.

How can i realize that with 2 linux PC's on every end of the phoneline?

the other computers in the vlan are windows pc's.

PC1(windows98),ethernetcard                             |
PC2(windows98),ethernetcard                             |
PC3(windows3.11),ethernetcard                           |-LAN1
PC4(windows98),ethernetcard                             |
Sambaserver and router(linux),ethernetcard and modem    |
router(linux),ethernetcard and modem                    |
PC5(windows98),ethernetcard                             |-LAN2
PC6(windows3.11),ethernetcard                           |

thx for help

cu torsten


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Thanks in advance

Martin Pauly

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