Recipes in ~/.procmail ignored?

Recipes in ~/.procmail ignored?

Post by Frederic Fau » Sat, 09 Sep 2000 00:11:25


As I don't know much about Procmail yet, I don't know where to look
for an answer.

I have two server running Postfix (SMTP) and UofW (IMAP), and both are
RedHat 6.2. The "good" host is an i368, the "bad" host is a Sparc.

What happens on the Sparc server, is that my recipes in the home
directory of a test account are simply ignored.

//Good host. RH Linux 6.2 i386

//Bad host. RH Linux 6.2 Sparc

//This is the .procmailrc in a test account in /home/

=> The ~/Mail/In file exists, is owned by the user, and is 0644. Any
idea what could be wrong?



1. archiving incoming/outgoing emails - procmail recipe needed

Hi all,

We are running NT server and FTGate smtp/pop server for email purposes.
We would like to shift to linux.  I am suppose to setup a linux box
that will server as a complete email server.  I have successfully setup
an offline email system that sends/receives mails over a dialup PPP

However, there was one problem.  FTGate email server that runs on NT
server gives an option to save a copy of all incoming and outgoing
mails.  Now, my compnay wants
to setup this option. I hope I can accomplish this with a simple
procmail recipe.

But I haven't used procmail.  Can anyone of you give me a procmail
recipe that saves all incoming and outgoing mails?

Also, is it possible to send a 'message sent confirmation' message as
soon as the mail has been pushed out to the net? This facility is also
there in FTGate email system. If you would like to view/try FTGate for
comparitive purposes, go to or



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