VPN and Linux -> L2F , L2TP , PPTP

VPN and Linux -> L2F , L2TP , PPTP

Post by Daniel Flinkma » Thu, 06 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Does anyone know about Linux support for VPN (VPDN) with L2f or PPTP or
eventually pre support of L2TP ?  If there is anything, even a alpha team or
beta team please let me know.




1. VPN::PPTP > RH 2.4.* > IPTABLES

Hello All,

I'm a Linux newcomer and am finding that getting good documentation in
1 source to be extremely difficult--I'm hoping someone has had
similiar problems.  I have iptables and masquerading setup
successfully on my Linux gateway machine.  Behind that I have 2 MS XP
machines that are all using my single DSL connection (via the gateway)
with much success.  What I would like is to be able to connect to my
companies VPN server from one of the XP machines using Microsofts VPN
software.  My question is this:

1. For the 2.4.* kernels what kernel config params do I need enabled
for this to work.  And... What are the gotchas if there are any.  For
instance, will a certain param make doing this impossible.

2. What patches do I need to apply in order to masquerade VPN
connections.  I've been to
http://www.impsec.org/linux/masquerade/ip_masq_vpn.html and seen a
patch there but is this working for anyone?  I've used it on both a
2.4.17 and a 2.4.15 kernel with no luck.

3. Which modules need to be running in order for this to work?

4. What would my iptables need to look like in order to get this done.
 Right now I have it as

iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth1 -j MASQUERADE

where eth1 is my connection to the outside.

My current config is:
RH 7.1
kernel 2.4.15
iptables 1.2.4

As everyone else has, I've read all of the HOW-TO's for VPN
Masquerading but they just don't cover 2.4.* very well.  I've spent
way too long working on this and am starting to get desperate so any
help would be greatly appreciated.  As a side note, the symptom I'm
having right now is that the packets are flowing fine up until the
login phase at which point I never get an answer.  I've seen alot of
mention about enabling GRE packets but I can't figure out a) how to do
it b) how to check if it is active and doing well.

Would a tcpdump as I'm trying to connect help figure out why I'm
dropping these packets--I'm new to networking btw.  Ultimately I would
like to know the proper way to configure but, in case there isn't a
known documented way to do this on 2.4.* kernels, I'm willing to hack

Thank you very much!!!!!!

- matt

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