Network problems with Linux and Windows 2000

Network problems with Linux and Windows 2000

Post by Ravi » Mon, 28 Aug 2000 11:13:32


I use two machines at home, a Windows 2000 Pro (Dual Celeron) and RH 6.2
(TBird). The Windows machine has a Netgear FA310TX and the Linux box has a
3Com 3c905b. They are connected using a Linksys 5-port switch.

The problem is that whenever I ftp from my Windows machine to my Linux
machine I can download files easily. But if I try to upload files, the
network connection slows down considerably and the transfer stops in a
minute or two. After that I am not able to telnet or ftp to the Linux
machine. If I ftp from the Linux machine to the Windows machine and try to
download something, the same problem occurs. Very frustrating to have two
machines and not be able to connect properly.

Any thoughts?