pppd appears to stop but is still active

pppd appears to stop but is still active

Post by Moonshine » Wed, 13 Dec 2000 06:01:32


I posted this problem under the subject "Compression seems to be broken"
a couple of days ago.
I will not repeat it here to save bandwidth.  If you feel I should have
included the data posted previously, let me know and I will repost.

I think that Clifford answered it back in June and I just want to make
sure that the problem is with my ISP and not my Linux setup.

It appears to me that compression is shut down but the ISP keeps using
it.  I can still ping everything.  Had a bad address but correcting it
did not make any difference.  I can sometimes keep going for hours but
sometimes only for a few minutes.

If one of the gurus could look at my previous posting and let me know I
would certainly appreciate it.

I have captured most of the data into files that I will gladly send to
anyone who feels the files will help.

Thanks in advance.

If this double posts it is because pppd messed up in the middle of the
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