Pre-alpha Frame Relay driver available for Linux

Pre-alpha Frame Relay driver available for Linux

Post by Jean Louis Ntakp » Sat, 02 Sep 1995 04:00:00

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Subject: Pre-alpha Frame Relay driver available for Linux
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 95 12:20:31 GMT
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A pre-alpha Linux Frame Relay driver is available for the
Sangoma S502 Frame Relay card (a Z80 co-processed ISA card)
(see   for current info).

The intent is to provide a low-cost Internet access system/gateway.
The Web site mentioned above describes how to use Linux running
on a commodity PC with an inexpensive Frame Relay card and CSU/DSU
to achieve this end.  The system can be used simultaneously
for other useful work.

The hardware (card and CSU/DSU) costs ~$600-$700, and in Utah
the Frame Relay connection cost $375 to install + $80.04/month
(within the state, FR costs are not time/distance sensitive,
unlike ISDN or leased-line).  Internet costs depend on your
provider (I connect through work, 45 miles away).

Possible uses:
        Small ISPs
        Education (k12, home, distance learning)
        Business (Home or small/medium)
        Distributed collaborative projects
        Virtual organizations
        Remote consulting

The driver (while still immature) is sufficiently usable
on a 386DX/40 for me to run Usenet News (INN, small feed),
e-mail, an FTP site, a Web-site, a Web browser, and remote
access to work (via X).

Questions, comments, e-mail (after 8/23) to


PLEASE remember a short description of the software.


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I'm writing a userspace driver for the Nikon coolscan. I have still some problems, but it actually
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the driver is still pre-alpha. I'm still searching for suggestions for
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