QoS, Diffserv and port prioritisation with iproute2...HELP!!

QoS, Diffserv and port prioritisation with iproute2...HELP!!

Post by Mark » Tue, 12 Dec 2000 17:37:04

I thought I was pretty damn good with IP until I delved into the world of
scheduling, queuieng and prioritising. Now I am wading through specific
scenarios and endless texts on doing prioritisation.

Essentially, I want to play with the class based scheduler in Linux to do
some prioritisation. I am interested in diffserv etc, but for my immediate
needs I want to be able to prioritise traffic by port. I want to setup a WAN
with Linux at each end of a 64k ISDN link to run Terminal server across. The
link will also handle email, etc, so I want TS port 3389 to have the highest
priority. The rest don't matter. As I am one who likes to understand how to
do it, I would appreciate if

1. Somebody could tell me the specific commands with TC
2. Point me at a good HOWTO, or text on how to use classes, qdiscs and

Help much appreciated.

Mark Dutton


1. QoS and/or fair queueing - package iproute2+tc (CBQ, CSZ, PRIO etc...)


Do you have somebody experinces with using new package package iproute2+tc
for 2.1.132 kernel?

Please send me any example configuration.
I am loking for any infomations about it. Of ourse I studied SallyFloyd and
ftp.inr.ac.ru/ip-routing/  but this complex thing and practic experiences
and config examples, not to talk about HOWTOs, helps a lot.

Thank you in in advance for any answer.

Richard Hemzal

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