Does 3Com modem-ethernet combo PCMCIA work with linux?

Does 3Com modem-ethernet combo PCMCIA work with linux?

Post by David La » Fri, 14 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I would appreciate if someone would help me with the problem
of figuring out what equipment to buy so I can load up my laptop with
linux and connect it to a Unix network through a 10BaseT line with
RJ45 connector.

My laptop is a Hitachi E133TC which doesn't come with a modem.
I am thinking of getting a 3Com modem-ethernet combo card or some
other equivalent product(s) for my purpose.

        3Com EtherLink III LAN + 33.6 modem PC card
        model: 3C562D-TP
                10BASE-T LAN + 33.6 modem PC card

 My question is first, would the 3Com PCMCIA card compatible
with linux?  And if so, where can I get the driver or is it
that the driver will come as part of the linux distribution?

But if the 3Com will not work for my application, I would appreciate
if someone could suggest a suitable PCMCIA modem-ethernet combo product
for my laptop.

As I am a complete novice of linux, it'll be great if someone
could also point me to the most apprepriate FTP site(s) or means to
get a copy of the linux distribution and the driver(s) I will need
for the ethernet link.

Thank you and as I am not a regular subscriber to this newsgroup,
I would appreciate if the suggestions or advice could also be emailed
to me.  Thank you very much in advance.

David Lau
Carleton University
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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