Linux PPP transfer rate via FTP

Linux PPP transfer rate via FTP

Post by J Gaith » Fri, 13 Jan 1995 03:49:00

Well, I found my major problem, the host I was connecting to was a hayes ext. modem
connected to a Sparc 10 /w SunOs.  any way, I found out that the getty I thought
was setup to connect the modem to sparc at 38.4 K was dropping down the baud rate
table to 9600.  But when I went to the host and tip'ed into the modem at 38400 then
tip'ed out I could connect to the modem w/o dropping down the baud rate table.

I still have a couple of other problems.  When I ftp'ed a binary, I noticed errors
in /proc/net/dev.  I can not configure the getty on the Sparc to 57600.

Any help on these final probs would be great.

Justin Gaither


1. Linux PPP transfer rate via FTP

I've got mine running at 1583 cps over a 8 bit clean 14.4 modem link.  This is
transmitting an already compressed file (via gzip) over a PPP link via

Try setting the asyncmap option which tells PPP to assume the line is 8 bit
clean. To use this option, edit /etc/ppp/options and add the line "asyncmap 0".

Also, try playing with the mru option of pppd.  I read somewhere that
"mru 296" was a good number and it works well for me.  This changes the
maximum receive unit to 296.

Before I made these changes, I was getting about 1024 cps on my PPP
connection.  I can get 1650 cps using term but PPP gives better access so
I think its worth the 4% performance hit.

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