NFS- Problem Mounting Remote CD-ROM

NFS- Problem Mounting Remote CD-ROM

Post by sl.. » Tue, 16 May 1995 04:00:00

I have a couple questions related to using NFS.  My WFW machine has an NFS
server on it, and I have mounted my DOS drives on my Linux box.  For some
odd reason I'm not able to mount my remote CD-ROM drive.  Is there a
special parameter I'm supposed to use?

My /etc/fstab file looks like this:

  /dev/hda3        swap        swap        defaults   1   1
  /dev/hda2        /           ext2        defaults   1   1
  /dev/hda1        /dosc       msdos       defaults   1   1
  none             /proc       proc        defaults   1   1 /rmtc nfs rsize=1024 wsize=1024

My next question is:

How can I change the permissions of a directory once mounted?  chmod isn't
responding with any values I provide.  I suspect I need to specify something
in the /etc/fstab file to change the default permissions???  Default
currently is chmod 777 (world rwx).

All help is appreciated.  Thanks!



1. CD-ROM, mounted via NFS on a remote machine access denied

When I mount the CD-ROM to my directory "/usr/kit" or to any other, I have
no trouble viewing the contents of the CD-ROM on the local machine.

When I mount the "/usr/kit" directory on another SCO Box or even a Win
3.11 client I can do so, as long as the CD-ROM isn't attached to it.
If the CD-ROM isn't mounted to the "/usr/kit" directory, then mounting is
easy and painless.  If the CD-ROM is attached the remote device says
"access denied".

I tried attaching the Win3.11 first then the CD-ROM, no errors, and no
information from the ROM.

I have checked and verifed the "showmount -e" does in fact return:

/usr/kit   (everyone)
/pub/cdrom (everyone)

Are there any better ways to work on the CD-ROM to be seen on the network,
I have tried several other directories and have checked that they to are
in the "/etc/exports" with world access.

This happens on either machine:

OpenServer 5.0.2
OpenServer 5.0.4

They both have NFS and function just great with mounting any
directory, as long as the CD-ROM isn't attached to it.

What did I miss ?

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