HELP with sendmail please!

HELP with sendmail please!

Post by Theofilu Andre » Mon, 09 Oct 1995 04:00:00


I got sendmail up and running. I can send mails to any user on my machine
and I can send a mail to any user on the machine of my ISP. I can also send
mails to anybody outside the net but only if I'm online.
Don't think I'm stupid. Here is my configuration:

        Linux 1.2.11
        Pentium 60MHz
        2 IDE HD's one of 420Mb and the other with 320Mb
        PPP-connection to my ISP
        Sendmail version 5.67b + IDA 1.5

All seems to work fine. All I want is to queue the mails until i get
my PPP-connection up. But when I send a mail and I'm not online, the
mail get bounced back to me and says "Unknown host or network
unreachable". I know that the target network is unreachable because
I'm offline. This aplys only to such target addresses who are not
in my /etc/hosts file.
Current I'm starting sendmail with the following options:

        sendmail -bd -q10m -os -odq

Maybe that's wrong. I'm a little confused whith the command line
options of sendmail. The man page isn't very clear here.
Again: What must I do to make sendmail queuing
my mails until I'm online without bouncing me back immediatly?
Is that possible?

Any help would be apreciated.
Theofilu Andreas


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