"document contains no data" error

"document contains no data" error

Post by Rick Pasot » Sat, 03 Mar 2001 01:47:44

I'm running apache on my debian potato system.

Sometimes a request for a page returns the "Document contains no data"
error message. Clicking on "Reload" displays the page. This happens
both locally and from the outside world.

What could be causing this? Is it a timing problem? Could some process
be swapped out and not re-activated soon enough? Do I have apache
configured wrong? Since I can't duplicate the error on demand I don't
know where to start looking for the problem.

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1. Got a strange "Document contains no data" error

e have Netscape Enterprise Server version 2.13 running on SunOS.  We
have some directories like this:


Within the server configuration, "scgi" is under access control.  At the
same time, the entire "../NA/*" has been set up to use ".nsconfig" for
dynamic configuration.  With this setup, both "Projects" and "Releases"
subdirectories have a ".nsconfig" to request authentication using the
same prompt as the "scgi" directory.  In the "../NA/index.html" file, it
has hyperlink to either CGI programs or static HTML files in these
area.  We have a strange observation that if someone comes in to access
the 'controlled' CGI program, the browser will get a "Document contains
no data" error message after entering the userid/password. Then a
subsequent access to the same CGI program will work as normal.   Now if
the first access to the controlled area is to a static HTML page, the
problem disappear and the proper page will be shown.  Then accessing the
'controlled' CGI program will be fine as well.

The other strange observation is that this problem is not consistent. It
only occurs to some users (even if they use the same browser such as
Communicator 4.07).  If the remote browser is IE4, there is also no

Does any body have any suggestion? Or actually have seen something

Any help is appreciated.

Jackson Loong
Motorola Communication Enterprise
Internet and Networking Group
Phone:  (905) 507-7206

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